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Transformers: Dark of the Moon

The Transformers is an all time hit with audiences from different generations. Since the time of its release in 1984, the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons continues up until the films that we enjoy today. In the decades of its existence, the Transformers franchise has managed to bring enthusiasts to enjoy various materials such as animations, films, shows, video games, books, comics, and all sorts of things.

The third installment of the Transformers film in the 21st century is entitled, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. As a continuation of the past few Transformer films, the Autobots are tasked to assist the military of the United States in keeping the world safe from any conflicts and invasions. During an investigative mission, they discovered the existence of an alien technology which has survived. The Autobots went out to a mission to explore the Ark which have been kept by the earlier US government rule during the year 1960. Upon arriving to the moon, they discovered the body of Sentinel Prime, one of the predecessors of Optimus Prime.

With Sam Witwicky under the close watch of Bumblebee manages his regular life and career, he soon meets new friends along the way. He shares the information about the Ark with his friend, Jerry, who was killed by a Decepticon. Sam soon finds out that all humans connected with the space missions of the United States and Russia to the Ark or simply aware of its existence are being sought by Megatron and the Decepticons.

Sam also found out that the Decepticons have already took a mission to know more about the Ark. They intentionally left Sentinel and the pillars behind to mislead the Autobots along the way. This allows them to plan and create plans against the Autobots and the human race. As usual, the Decepticons are in the task of destroying all Autobots first for them to easily manipulate and annihilate the humans. However, the Autobots made them believe that they have already died as they reappeared together with the human soldiers. They were able to rescue Sam and his new girlfriend, Carly.

Sam fought along side the Autobots to reactivate the Control Pillar that was disabled in by a cannon. Optimus and Sentinel Prime fought as Carly went on to convince Megatron that he should be able to intervene or else he will be replaced by Sentinel as the leader of the Decepticons. In his anger, he was able to incapacitate Sentinel which gave Optimus the capacity to execute Megatron. Sentinel also begged for Optimus to save him but he was killed because he went against the principles.

With the leaders and possible leaders of the Decepticons killed, humans are ensured with a safer future. Although the Decepticons were beaten in the end, the Autobots lost the Cybertron which is their home. Sam reunited with his friends, the Autobots, who accepted the Earth as their new home. They truly are the best partners that the human soldiers in saving the world from the domination of non human beings.

Hot Tub Time Machine

It would be fun to go back in time and discover how things would have been like if there were some things that you have done or not have done in the first place. The Hot Tub Time Machine is a science fiction film that were produced and written to entertain an adult audience. The story is about three friends who have been too tired of the life that they are living. They took a vacation out to the place where they have taken their winter break more than two decades ago.

All these three friends have been living their lives in the current time in Los Angeles. Adam has just gone through a break up and stays at home with his geeky nephew, who lives in his basement named Jacob. Lou is a party guy who has never outgrown what he has been enjoying since his youth causing him to end up in a hospital, which his friends believe was a part of his suicide attempt. Finally, there was Nick who feels the difficulty in his life and the betrayal of his own wife.

In order to cheer up Lou, Adam and Nick planned a vacation of the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort where they spent one of their best weekends during their youth. Dragging along was the nephew of Adam who was able to discover the reason of his true existence with the help of this trip. Upon arriving to the resort, they wasted the entire evening drinking causing them to doze off in the hot tub which turned into a time machine after spilling an energy drink on the controls. They all woke up seeing themselves normally, until they saw their reflection on the mirror that made them look more than twenty years younger.

With everything that was about to happen, each of the three friends went through their youth challenges once again. Because they wished to change their own destinies, they tried to do things differently. But, it was a problem that Jacob was concerned about because he will never exist if they would be doing all things differently as it also meant changing what happened on that night when he was conceived. There were some things that these friends changed in their past and this also helped Jacob discover that he is actually the son of Lou.

As they were about to go back to the present time, Lou decided that it is best that he would stay. He also admitted his attempt to kill himself telling his friends that he would rather stay than to go back to the life that he fears. The others woke up the next morning and discovered how things have changed. Lou was already married to Adam’s sister and is able to provide a lavish life for his son, Jacob. Nick was already a big and successful rock star making his wife become loyal to him. Adam found out that he was already married to April. Everything about their life was something that they have wished for it to be like.

The Fairly Odd Parents

The interest in science fiction can already be seen in the very young minds of children. But watching television shows and films that people wishes to see may be too complex for children to understand. Due to this, Nick Jr. has created The Fairly Odd Parents which provided a fun and interesting show that children, no matter how young they are, could understand. This show has initially been granted a timeslot in the late 1990s. It is still being run by Nickelodeon until today making it part of the longest running cartoons of the productions.

The story of The Fairly Odd Parents is about Timmy Turner, a ten year old boy living in a fictional town called Dimmsdale. He has parents who could not care less of what he is doing because of their own personal goals in life such as being a singer and going to work. Because they never pay attention to Timmy, he is left under the care of his babysitter. Most of the time that he spends in school is challenging, too, due to the torments of Mr. Crocker, his teacher who is in constant search of negative things about Timmy. He is also in search for a way to prove that Timmy has fairies as his godparents.

True enough, Timmy has his two fairy godparents who grant him any thing that he wishes for. Cosmo and his wife, Wanda gives Timmy his wishes which would usually end up in a disaster forcing Timmy to think of a better wish to undo the effects of the first one. Later on, Cosmo and Wanda will also have a son named Poof who is able to play a big role in helping Timmy find ways to unwish the wish he has made in the beginning.

There are plenty of enemies that Timmy has encountered in the series. The Fairly Odd Parents discuss ideas and problems that a lot of young kids experience in school. Of course, they might wish that they would also have the luxury of getting what they want through wishes like Timmy. But in the end of every episode, kids are able to understand how life and all its challenges be faced and given a solution to.

The Fairly Odd Parents also talks about the issues of keeping secrets and following the rules. According the rule book, there are certain wishes that can and cannot be made by the children. It also says that no one must discover about their fairies or else they would losing them forever and with this in mind, Timmy needs to do everything he can to guard his fairy godparents from being discovered by his teacher, Mr. Crocker.

There are various adventures that Timmy has gone through in every episode of The Fairy Odd Parents. Each episode provides different challenges each time. The only thing that is the same about all the episodes is the help that Timmy’s fairy godparents provide for him to help him get through every challenge and problem.



It is a definite way to enjoy and relax by sitting at home in front of the television with your loved ones. Watching an episode of Futurama is something that science fiction fans can look forward to if they are looking for a light and funny show to watch. This animated sitcom has been created by Matt Groening who has been highly popular for his work on The Simpsons.

Although the latest episodes have already been created and developed in 2009, it has recently been aired by Comedy Central in 2011. There are already several episodes created by Matt Groening which have been renewed year after year. This is because of the nominations and awards that Futurama has received since the time that it initially aired its first episode. It has also been made into a comic book series and a video game. In addition to all the posters, action figures, and clothing line that it has been adapted on.

This series is about the adventures of a New York pizza delivery boy, Phillip, who have come from our time. He has been frozen for a thousand of years, similar to those science fiction movies where he would be brought to life once again to discover the strangest occurrences. Phillip wakes up finding himself in the 31st century and surrounded by weird looking individuals and highly advanced systems. He then finds Planet Express where he is able to get a job in an interplanet delivery.

All the adventures in Futurama is set in the New York City during the 31st century which has been based on the ruins of the city that we know of today. Since the setting is thousands of years after today, they regard the place as the Old New York. It had most of the concerns we are already aware of today such as global warming, pollution, and drugs which has been shown in an extreme exaggeration. Everything that we now have is being regarded to as Futurama’s past and history including the preserved heads of the prominent people found in jars.

The Internet is still utilized in Futurama but it is already highly technological and easy to manipulate. Television is still considered as a means of entertaining people and robots are already considered usual sights in the 31st century. In addition, weird looking individuals can also be seen as a result of mutation and cross breeding of humans, extraterrestrial, and animals. These are the usual scenes that the characters go through and meet in every episode of Futurama.

In Futurama, current social issues are still being depicted including the racial discrimination and social classes. Most of the robots are given the free will and the capacity to think making the wealthier ones part of the upper class citizens. With robots, animals, humans, and extraterrestrials on Earth, the interaction between all the main characters showcase how it would have been like in the future. The main characters go through similar types of problems and challenges as what we have today.

Rise of the Planets of the Apes

In the 2011 American film, Rise of the Planet Apes, Director Rupert Wyatt has been able to bring together a developed film from the series of the Planet of the Apes. This film stars James Franco and Andy Serkis who worked together to discover a special bond between human and ape. Franco played the role of Will, a devoted scientist from San Francisco who was tasked to discover a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. He has been testing on chimpanzees and the genetic composition of the retrovirus mutates as it enters the DNA of the chimpanzee. This was further made interesting as Will discovered that the chimpanzee began to demonstrate the intelligence as that of a human’s.

One of the more successful subjects was a female chimpanzee called Bright Eyes. She appears to be extremely upset after secretly giving birth because she believed that her baby chimp was hurt. Because of her actions, she was killed and together with this, Will’s testing facility was also put to a close. However, Will cannot find it in his heart to kill the baby chimp so he takes it home and called it Caesar. Brought about by the genetic mutation in the body of his mother, Caesar was able to inherit her intelligence making it very easy for him to learn and adapt.

After a few years of secretly continuing his research, Will gives his father the retrovirus sample and saw improvement in his condition. But years after this, his father’s Alzheimer’s disease returns and worsens. Will continued to work of a new virus that is stronger and more effective than the first one. Soon, the father of Will experiences more and more problems which includes an incident when he gets into the car of the neighbor and causes damages to it. Caesar saw how the neighbor attacked Will’s father making him fume with anger. He attacks the neighbor causing him to be taken away and be sent to a primate facility in San Bruno.

Caesar experienced cruelty in the San Bruno facility together with all other apes being kept there. Soon, he gained the trust of one of the care takers in the facility. When one of his guards came too close to him, Caesar grabbed a pocket knife which he used to escape from his cage. He steals canisters of the new retrovirus and releases these through the caged areas. Caesar frees all the other apes that were exposed to the virus giving all of them an enhanced intelligence. They all escaped from the facility and freed more apes from the San Francisco Zoo where Will used to work in the past.

The apes have exhausted all their capacities to fight against the blockages made by the police. They made it to the forest were Will searched for Caesar, who was now capable of speaking. Will convinces Caesar to stop fighting because they will certainly be killed by people which is why he wants to take him back home. Caesar replied by saying that he is indeed home as he moved up to the redwood forest together with all the other primates.

The Event

The stylized logo of The Event has been made to attract the audience’s attention and make them curious of what this show has to offer. It consists of various elements that are put together to challenge the viewer’s logical inferences and excite them with every event and occurrence. The Event has a great mixture of science fiction, adventure, and political ideals which initially premiered in September 2010. The main plot of The Event revolves around a group of extraterrestrial beings that have been kept under strict surveillance by the government of the United States since their crash as the Second World War ended.

These extraterrestrials appeared human but were interestingly tested to have a different DNA composition compared to humans. They are known to age slowly as compared to humans but both still have very similar characteristics. The extraterrestrials were known as the Sleepers who have survived the crash in Alaska. After being inaugurated as the new president, Elias Martinez met with the Sleepers and decided to release them and opting to do what is right. Towards the end of the entire series, the understanding that Martinez had for the extraterrestrials was further explained upon exposing that his wife, the first lady was also one of them. However, the release of the extraterrestrials led to an assassination plot built against Martinez causing the CIA to work in order to find all extraterrestrials.

One of the lead characters in the event is Sean Walker, who is a software engineer working for the United States government. He has planned to propose to his girlfriend, Leila, but she suddenly disappeared because of being abducted together with her younger sister. Upon finding her kidnapped girlfriend, Sean uncovered a conspiracy of the assassination attempt on the president and also discovered later on that his girlfriend was actually half extraterrestrial and half human.

The entire series was made up of genius components that have exposed every secret and story carefully. It helped unfold the story in a very witty process keeping its audiences thinking of the possible reasons and explanations for past events. This was done through several flashbacks coming from the characters as they developed and unfolded their true disposition. There were several clues being discovered in each episode making the audience to watch and follow the show.

Towards the middle of the entire series, the flashbacks were lessened because of the audience negative reactions. A lot of audiences found this means of telling the story quite confusing. The producers and writers created the rest of the story line to make sure that audiences are able to keep in track with all the events in every episode. Because it was changed based on the feedback of the audience, the straight to the point technique helped keep its viewers happy and follow the plot easily. The final episode of The Event was shown in May 2011 giving its audience a clear understanding that extraterrestrials are within our midst as they walk along the streets, ride in the buses, and work in offices like all humans do.

Earth’s Final Hours

Deadly consequences will threaten our existence, when dense matter collides with the Earth and slows it’s rotation.  An ex-spook, a talented hacker, and a determined scientist combine efforts to save mankind.  They only way they are going to save the planet is if they find and manage to fix a lost satellite network lost above the globe. Check out the photos here: SyFy.